MORTALS is a cooperative battle board game set in a museum in modern times where you and your friends play as once famous Greek, Norse, or Egyptian gods that have been made Mortal by Death himself. Now, with the world coming to an end, you and your fellow once-gods are being called out of ambiguity to fight and unlock Death's secret within the walls of this museum. Can you halt the engine of Earth's destruction?



When you play Mortals, we have two levels of difficulty:

  • MORTAL: For our beginner-level mode of play, remove the mythics and monster cards for Ammut, Gorgon, and Ushabti.

  • HEROIC: For our intermediate level of difficulty, play using the rules as written.

  • LEGENDARY: Coming soon…

  • GODMODE: Coming soon…


We want to hear from you! Did you come up with a fun optional rule for your home game? Did you play with a new configuration of boards? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us and tell us how you’ve spiced up your game, and we’ll share your variations on the website!