The Velvet League

Prince Horace Kemp
: Fighter
Race: Human
Background: Nobility
PlayerJeremy Fox
Horace is a narcissist, but maybe all great kings are? That's what he tells himself. Hailing from the Kemp Estates in a far off queendom, he has too many older brothers to ever expect gaining the throne, so he quests to build a kingdom of his own, to show his family that he's worthy of the Kemp name, and to rule justly and attractively over a manicured land of plenty.


Ysabel "Izzy" Buchanan
Class: Druid
Race: Half-Elf (Drow)
Background: Hermit
PlayerKelly Egan
Bubbily and hyperactive, Izzy has her head in the clouds and a thirst for knowledge. Used to a life of isolation in the wilderness, Izzy is eager to make friends, have fun, experience nature, and meet new animals in the places they visit.


Class: Wizard
Race: Half-Elf, formerly Human
Background: Charlatan
PlayerMike Christensen
A con artist and a grifter, Sweeney is a cagey man who shares very little about his life before the Velvet League. What is known is that he has clearly studied magic, and has several spells tattooed across his body. He cares little about his own appearance, but at a moment can disappear into a crowd as needed. Apparently callous and self-serving, Sweeney can be seen to show compassion when the mood strikes him... but only when it suits his mercurial nature.