Because Comics Ep. 9 - Toys, Dragons, and Magic Calculators

It's a throwback episode! Jay and Mike recommend comics from their pull lists gone by, with "Joe the Barbarian" and John Rogers' "Dungeons and Dragons," and then they review the first issue of Howard the Duck's solo series, and determine conclusively that Howard the Duck stories have ALWAYS been super-weird. Also, in this episode's "Super-Mundane," we discuss who would be the best - and the worst - at leading a camping trip.

Pull List:
Jay: "Joe the Barbarian" (Vertigo), written by Grant Morrison, drawn by Sean Murphy.
Mike: "Dungeons and Dragons" (IDW), written by John Rogers, drawn by Andrea Di Vito.

Main Segment:
"Howard the Duck" #1: "Howard the Barbarian," written by Steve Gerber, drawn by Frank Brunner.

Game: "Super-Mundane - Leading a camping trip?"

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