Because Comics Ep. 8 - Cthulhus, Robots, and Signal Watches

Jay and Mike recommend "Squidder" and "Saga," and then talk about the weird adventures of Superman's pal in 2011's "Jimmy Olsen" one-shot. Plus, in "Who Am I," Mike has a surprisingly challenging time figuring out the answer, considering how much he enjoys the character in question...

Pull List:
Jay: "Squidder" (IDW), written & drawn by Ben Templesmith
: "Saga" (Image), written by Brian K. Vaughn, drawn by Fiona Staples

Main Segment:
Jimmy Olsen One-Shot (Jimmy Olsen's Big Week), written by Nick Spencer, drawn by RB Silva & Amilcar Pinna.
This story originally ran as a back-up series, beginning in "Action Comics" #890, which featured Lex Luthor as the main character for about 10 issues.

Game: "Who Am I?"

So Jimmy was totally a Giant Turtle:

turtle man.jpg

He was definitely the best Co-Superman:

Also, Superman used to be kind of a dick: