Because Comics Ep. 7 - Agents, Lawyers, and Planet X

Jay and Mike recommend "Grayson" and "She-Hulk." Then, in light of the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" film (out on Friday!), Mike looks back at the first appearances of the film's guaranteed breakout characters - Groot and Rocket Raccoon! Also, in today's "Super Mundane," we definitively answer who would be the best - and worst - at building a tree-house.

Pull List:
Jay: "Grayson," written by Tim Seeley, drawn by Mikel Janin
Mike: "She-Hulk," written by Charles Soule, drawn by Javier Pulido

Main Segment:
Tales to Astonish #13: "I Challenged Groot, the Monster from Planet X!" Written by Stan Lee, drawn by Jack Kirby
Incredible Hulk #271: "Now Somewhere In the Black Holes of Sirius Major There Lived a Young Boy Name of Rocket Raccoon!" Written by Bill Mantlo, drawn by Sal Buscema
These stories and others are collected in "Rocket Raccoon and Groot Ultimate Collection"

Game: "Super Mundane - Building a tree house?"

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