Because Comics Ep. 3 - Fools, Queens, and Time-Travelers

Mike and Jay recommend Marvel's "Superior Foes of Spider-Man" and Image's "Rat Queens," and then discuss the original "X-Men: Days of Future Past" comic book storyline which inspired the new film. Also, in this episode's game of "Super Mundane," we determine conclusively which superhero would be the best Best Man at a wedding.

Pull List:
Jay: "Superior Foes of Spider-Man," written by Nick Spencer, drawn by Steve Lieber
Mike: "Rat Queens," written by Kurtis J. Weibe, drawn by Roc Upchurch

Main Segment:
"Uncanny X-Men" #141-142, written by Chris Claremont & John Byrne, drawn by John Byrne

Game: Super Mundane
"Who would be the best best man?"