Because Comics Ep. 19 - New Directions, Old Goddesses, and Doomsday Kisses

Happy New Year! In this episode, we take a look at a new direction of "Batgirl" and old acquaintances in "Storm," and then Mike talks about that time the cast of "Archie" met the cast of "Glee" - and it's WAY weirder and more fun than it sounds. And at the end, we play "Super-Mundane" and ask which hero would be the best baby-sitter - and who would be the worst? 

Pull List:
Jay"Batgirl" (DC), written by Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart, art by Babs Tarr. 
Mike"Storm" (Marvel), written by Greg Pak, drawn by Victor Ibañez. 

Main Segment
"Archie" #641-644, "Archie Meets Glee!" Written by Roberto Aguirro-Sacasa, drawn by Dan Parent. 

Game: "Super-Mundane - Best and Worst Baby-Sitter?" 

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This episode has shown that:

  • Archie Comics have some of the greatest captions of all time:
  • Archie is REALLY bad at choosing between Betty and Veronica:
  • Is Captain Marvel really the dude you want enforcing bedtime?: