Because Comics Ep. 13 - Spiders, Truckers, and World Eaters

Join us for a very special, spooooky Halloween episode! Jay and Mike recommend "Edge of Spider-Verse" and "Big Trouble In Little China" (the film and the comic), and then Mike walks us through the first Marvel Zombies mini-series, which is exactly what you hope it will be. Plus, our spoooooky Halloween edition of "Super Mundane," where we determine who would be the best at putting together a haunted house! SPOOOOOOOKY!!!

Pull List: 
Jay: "Edge of Spider-Verse" (Marvel), written and drawn by various. 
Mike: "Big Trouble In Little China" (Boom), story by John Carpenter and Eric Powell, written by Eric Powell, drawn by Brian Churilla. 

Main Segment: 
"Marvel Zombies" #1-5, written by Robert Kirkman, drawn by Sean Phillips. 

Game: "Super Mundane - Putting On A Haunted House?"

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This episode has shown that:

  • Never tell Galactus you're hungry:
  • We were a lot better off when there was just one of him:
Marvel Zombies 11 Galactus Avengers Zombies.png
  • Wayne manor is basically a haunted house. It even has a Dracula: